Egypt is renowned for its magnificent temples, which have stood the test of time along the banks of the Nile. These temples hold a unique energy that resonates with both the physical and spiritual realms. The ancient Egyptians believed that everything in the universe was interconnected, and that matter was simply a manifestation of vibrational energy. The temples were built in alignment with cosmic forces, with each stone carefully placed to create a harmonious balance of vibrations. When one enters these sacred spaces, they can feel the powerful energy enveloping them, transporting them to a different time and dimension. The intricate carvings and hieroglyphics adorning the walls whisper ancient wisdom and secrets of the universe. Truly, the temples of Egypt are a testament to the profound understanding the ancient Egyptians had of the interplay between energy, vibration, and matter.

The embodying of Spirit into Matter.

As we journey down the Nile with ‘B’ we will be activating each chakra individually within & without at the appointed temples, the Nile representing the river of consciousness, the spine.

Are you ready.